Thursday, August 18, 2011

Halal Pizza Delivery for your Iftar

Sorry for the long haitus, its has been a very busy year for me for the last two years. Anyway here taking the chance to update this blog. Thank you for repeating visiting this blog.

Its the Ramadhan month here again. If you find that the food at all those Bazaar does not tantalize your taste bud, and all those Ramadhan buffet is way too expensive for your family, perhaps you can just enjoy the delivery of Halal Pizza to your home. There are several Halal Pizza delivery that you can contact for that important meal during this holy month for the muslim. Pick your choice and remember to contact them 2 hours before break fast time alas you will only get to fast a bit more longer..hehehe.

Joke aside, here are where you can get those Halal Pizza.

Pizza Hut (of course you guys know)
Contact No: 62353535

Domino Pizza (my all time favorite)
Contact No: 62226333

Canadian Pizza
Contact No: 62410241

Sarpino Pizza
Contact No: 62626767

Pelican Pizza
Contact No: 62608488 or 62898488

Qishi Japanese Pizza
Contact No: 65555656

Mine, do I manage to tempt you with all those halal pizza deliveries restaurant. There a few button on your phone. Or if you must or need to see what they are offering, do visit their website, some even have online ordering. Perhaps you can just place order from your office computer and be ready to be greeted by that hot piping pizza when you enter your home.

Selamat Berbuka.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Iftar Special @ Kandahar Muslim Restaurant

Salam to all my blog readers.
Its the time of the year again where Muslim all over the world doing their duty of fasting. Beside restaurant at hotels that serve Halal food or have a Halal certification for their premises, now you can dine at other restaurant that provide Halal buffet for iftar during Ramadhan.
For a change, you can break your fasting at Kandahar Muslim Restaurant. It is located near the Bazaar Ramadhan @ Kandahar and Bussorah Street. Kandahar Muslim Restaurant provide 'Eat All You Can Buffet" at a very reasonable price. It cost $9.00 for adult and only $7.00 for child.

Their menu for berbuka include Chicken/Mutton Beryani, Murtabak, Thosai, Idly, Vadai, Chappati, hot and cold drink and etc. If you are a great fan of Indian food, then this is the place to have an iftar feast with friends and family which is worth for the money giving that the price of a plate of Beryani is on average $4-$6 around the Arab Street area. What more, the Sultan mosque is so near for you to do your other obligation as a Muslim.